Cyber - Physical Systems (CPS) is about technologies and solutions that integrate the cyber and physical world. Perfect coordination between Cyber and Physical systems is critical to achieve smart planet earth, more efficient transportation, and to solve the complex problems facing the world in the 21st century. Examples include automobiles, robotic surgical systems, assisted living, inter-planetary rovers, systems for emergency response or disaster recovery, smart homes, and manufacturing automation. Due to the tight integration of physical and cyber worlds CPS faces enormous challenges due to the confluence of sensing, communication, signal processing, computing, control, system design, and management. Big Data analysis an important area of research for future CPS where there is need to diligently mine through humongous data sets before making make key decisions. In applications where physical input is processed and transferred over a cyber-infrastructure to produce a physical output, the time sensitiveness for decision making becomes critical. Therefore, the network that supports a CPS must ensure highly reliability for time-sensitive traffic. It is expected that as many as 50 Billion physical things may be connected to the Internet by 2020, tereby, making the Internet of Things (IoT) another significant area of research. Complex computercommunication techniques, architectures, algorithms, and addressing mechanisms are required to support such an enormously large heterogeneous network. Reconfigurable computing and communication platforms, advanced signal processing techniques, control system design, and system design for smart environments are a few areas where new innovations are anticipated.