Authors are invited to submit papers in electronic format. Instructions are published in the conference website. Acceptance or rejection of papers is based on peer review of the full papers.

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Authors wishing to participate at the conference must register individually. Each selected paper requires at least one author to attend the conference for presentation. Papers not actually presented at the conference shall not be included in the Conference Publications.

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All papers presented at the conference will be included in the conference proceedings published by the IEEE and ET In spec. The conference proceedings will be available online on the IEEE Xplore. 

Accepted Papers

Individual emails with instructions have been sent to the authors of all the accepted papers. The full list of all the accepted papers is as follows.

S.No.Paper No.TitleFirst Author
11569790963Design of High Precision Electronics for Laser Range FinderJayesh Jayarajan
21569795699Implementation of Projected Clustering based on SQL queries and UDFs in Relational DatabasesSandhya Harikumar
31569799309Video Retrieval Using Automatically Extracted AudioAnil Kale
41569799387Using Entropy of Traffic Features to identify Bot infected HostsSoniya B
51569804031A New Built in Self Test Pattern Generator for Low Power Dissipation and High Fault CoverageChukkuluru Ravi Shankar Reddy
61569804085Speaker Recognition System for Security ApplicationsKarthik Selvan
71569804115Random Forest Classifier Based Multi-Document Summarization SystemAnsamma John
81569804307An Efficient Implementation of Rotational Radix-4 CORDIC Based FFT ProcessorYasodai Ayyasamy
91569804511A Novel Approach in Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive RadioEbin Manuel
101569805807PWLCM based Image Encryption through Compressive SensingAbhishek Kolazi
111569805827Coding Rates and MCS using Adaptive Modulation for WiMAX in OFDM Systems using GNU RadioLakshmi Boppana
121569808073Wide Tuning Low Noise OTA based Current Controlled Ring Oscillator to suit PLL ApplicationsAditya S
131569809275OFDM Radio based Range and Direction Sensor for Robotics ApplicationsRakshith Shetty
141569812985Bandwidth-Aware Data Placement Scheme for HadoopShabeera P
151569812993Improvised Geographic Scheme for Greedy Perimeter Stateless RoutingRajiv Misra
161569813241Sparsity-based Representation for Categorical DataRemya Menon
171569813351Measurement System for Wide Range Frequency at Nonlinear DevicesKumar Suresh
181569813399Automatic Cloud Detection Using Color Transformation, Spectral Rationing and Fuzzy ClusteringSurya S
191569813653Detection of Acid Rains using NO2 and Precipitation Satellite Imagery by Adopting Image Processing and Data Mining TechniquesKishor Reddy
201569814053NSB-TREE for an Efficient Multidimensional Indexing in Non-Spatial DatabasesSandhya Harikumar
211569814543Comparative Analysis of Motion Artifacts extracted from Ambulatory ECG using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Adaptive FilteringSachinkumar Darji
221569814799Dynamic Gesture recognition of Indian Sign Language considering Local motion of hand using Spatial location of Maximum Curvature PointsGeetha M
231569814829Relaxed Context-Aware Machine Learning Midddleware (RCAMM) for AndroidJitesh Punjabi
241569814939A Proposed System for Colorization of a Gray Scale Facial Image using Patch Matching TechniqueAbul Hasnat
251569814957A Combined Approach to Speaker Authentication Using Claimant-Specific Acoustic Universal StructuresWaquar Ahmad
261569815025Structuring the design space of the ICT architecture for the Smart GridCarlos Montes Portela
271569815193A Strategic Approach for Area Coverage and Data Collection in MWSNAtrayee Gupta
281569815215Energy-Aware Thermal Comfort-Band Maintenance Scheduling under Peak Power ConstraintGopinath Karmakar
291569815401Maximum Voluntary Isometric Grip Force, Wrist Extension and Flexion Muscle Activity Identification using Fundamental Frequency of MechanomyogramsMd. Anamul Islam
301569815425Respiratory Sound Classification using Cepstral Features and Support Vector MachineRajkumar Palaniappan
311569815467CamShift Tracking Algorithm for Efficient Monocular Vision Depth Estimation TechniqueSivadev Nadarajah
321569815561Smart Irrigation ControllerAkankshya Bhatta
331569815607Fuzzy based Bayesian Classifier for Big Data ClassificationNeha Bharill
341569815793Real Time Recognition of 3D Gestures in Mobile DevicesSethu Janaki
351569816039Color Texture Image Segmentation Based on Neutrosophic Set and Nonsubsampled Contourlet TransformationJeethu Mathew
361569816307Gender Classification using Spatial and Temporal FeaturesSuparna Biswas
371569816611Performance Comparison between K-Nearest Neighbour Models for Wheeze DetectionSyamimi Shaharum
381569816619Joint Estimation of Carrier Frequency Offsets and Doubly Selective Channels for OFDMA Uplink using Line SearchMuneer P
391569816641Stepwise Refined Reduction based Rough Set for LRE Test-beds Fault DiagnosisQi Wang
401569816731Video Object Detection using Inter-frame Correlation Based Background SubtractionDeepak Rout
411569816747Shortest Path Simulation Using Reeds-Shepp MethodZamzamir Said
421569816753Reconfigurable Ultrasonic BeamformerByju C
431569816801Directionally Adaptive Despeckling of SAR Image Using Interscale DependenceSethunadh R
441569816867A Framework to Customize Privacy Settings of Online Social Network UsersAgrima Srivastava
451569816875Home Automation System Using Window Application with Voice and Email Control MethodsRidza Ramlee
461569817355Lossless Hyperspectral Image Compression based on PredictionMamatha A. s.
471569817585Survey of Test Strategies for System-On Chip and it's Embedded MemoriesGobinda Acharya
481569817741Quantitative Recognition of Volatile Organics by Fuzzy Inference System Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform of SAW Sensor TransientsPrashant Singh
491569818151M2M Solutions - Design Challenges and ConsiderationsSukriti Jalali
501569818199Single Image Super-Resolution Based on Compressive Sensing and TV Minimization Sparse Recovery For Remote Sensing ImagesSreeja S j
511569818227Wireless Powering of Utility Equipments in a Smart Home Using Magnetic ResonanceHema Ramachandran
521569818233Probing of geospatial stream of data to report disorientationM Saravanan
531569818323BrailDroid: A Communication System for the Visually Impaired People using Braille MethodThomas Chowdhury
541569818345Co-operative MAC Protocol: Performance Modeling And AnalysisShamna Hamsa Rahim
551569818347Feature Weighted Clustering of Mixed datasets by Hybrid Evolutionary AlgorithmDipankar Dutta
561569818411Automated Control of Webserver Performance in a Cloud EnvironmentPs Krishna
571569818435Human Face Based Approach For Video SummarizationHari R
581569818483Example Based Super-Resolution Using Fuzzy Clustering and Sparse Neighbor EmbeddingNejiya K
591569818505Triangular Microstrip Loop Resonator Bandpass Filter using Koch Curve ApproachSijin Joy
601569818511Optimal Design of a Symmetric Monopole Antenna With Spiral GeometryBurni George
611569818567Templated Marching Cubes - A Low Computation Approach To Surface RenderingManikandtan C Kartha
621569818573Image segmentation by intelligent clustering techniqueSuman Deb
631569818585Automatic Detection of Exudates in Retinal Images Using Histogram AnalysisSharath Kumar N
641569818589Clustering of Web Sessions by FOGSAAAngana Chakraborty
651569818603Detecting Influential Users using Spread of CommunicationsSaptaditya Maiti
661569818635Hardware Implementation of a Robust Watermarking Technique for Digital ImagesArchana Aniyan
671569818639A Framework for Human Activity Recognition Based on Accelerometer DataItishree Mandal
681569818655Object Detection and Classification in Surveillance SystemSoumya Varma
691569818657Kinematic analysis of walking gait pattern using frame based image processing techniqueThirumagal Jayaraman
701569818659Automatic Domain Ontology Construction MechanismPoonam Anand
711569818663Smart Camera Networks: An Analytical Framework for Auto Calibration without AmbiguityKiran Vupparaboina
721569818675Emotion Detection from "The SMS of the Internet"Priyanka Kulkarni
731569818685A Novel Technique for Congestion Avoidance/Control in High Speed Multimedia Networks using Network Intrusion detection systemsUma Visweswaraiya
741569818687A Fragile Watermarking Technique for Fingerprint ProtectionSubashini V j
751569818697Microsegmenting: An approach for precise distance calculation for GPS based ITS applicationsAradhya Biswas
761569818721Classification of Robotic Data using Artificial Neural NetworkRadhakrishnan Gopalapillai
771569818725Human Face Detection: A Simplified ApproachThomas Chowdhury
781569818879Grid-based Big Data Classification for Mixed Data with Categorical and Numerical AttributesKeon Myung Lee
791569818885A PAPR Reduction approach in OFDM based Optical-Wireless-Access Networks using Blind Symbol Power EstimationMd Zunayeed Kamal