Internet of things (IoT) or Internet of everything (IoE) is a contemporary and interdisciplinary engineering topic. It is a technology with vast market potential over the coming decades. IoT end-to-end design involves competence in wireless communication, software and analytics amongst other skills. It is also a technology which affects every vertical be it a common light bulb or a complex aircraft. This is a tutorial style workshop to introduce the participant to the vast potential of IoT technology. Engineers/computer scientists/professionals are likely to encounter IOT in the near-term and our goal is to equip people to navigate this space.

There will be also demos to help the participants appreciate the nuances of IoT including remote power control and remote monitoring of parameters like temperature/soil moisture.The various elements that went into the design of such systems will be explained.

Course Outline

Module 1: Overview
Module 3: Real time demo
  • Definition of IoT
  • Compare a traditional and IoT enabled application
  • Overview of IoT components
  • Reasons for IoT now
  • Market prediction and growth estimates
  • Applications of IoT
  • Building sensor platform
  • Building gateway platform
  • Demo 1 – Controlling electrical power to appliances
  • Demo 2 – Monitoring water level in tanks
  • End to end scenarios
Module 2: The TechnologyModule 4: Protocols and Standards
  • Sensors and Actuators
  • Wireless in IoT
  • IoT Platforms
  • Big Data and Cloud
  • Examples
  • Where is standardization required
  • Connectivity protocols and standards
  • Alliances and consortium for standards
  • IoT security
  • IoT Big picture

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Dr. Srikanth

Chief Knowledge Officer
Nanocell Networks

AU-KBC Research Centre
MIT Campus, Chennai